What Is The Hertz Frequency Of The Geocleanse Device?

No. You only require one Geoclense Orgone Generator in your situation, as all your electrical circuitry is still connected to your Earth Stake and will cover the entire area of your property. Your Geoclense Orgone Generator is already harmonizing the eentire area of your house and the surrounding property or land area to your boundary […]

The Dome Schumann Orgone Generator (Green)

The powerful Geoclense Negative Ion Generator continues to be the greatest electromagnetic field, radiation, dangerous energy harmonizer and air purifier for your home, your entire property, office, workplace or farm ever. Generating wholesome, healthy and beneficial negatively charged ions, which neutralize all types of destructive low frequency Positive Ions such as radiation and electromagnetic fields, […]

Orgone Research

The amazing Orgone Blanket induces the body and mind to rest, recover and rejuvenate provide one of the best cures for insomnia. The Orgone Blanket works by assisting your body to energetically re-intergrate itself. It is used widely in many countries and also by many therapists which is a great way to improve your heatlh, […]