Does Colour Impact On Effectiveness Of Orgone Energy Generators?

Does Colour Impact On Effectiveness Of Orgone Energy Generators?

These days, as a result of modern technology, we are all being bombarded with harmful energy in the form of extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (ELF) and very low electromagnetic frequencies (VLF). Please note there is more and more VLF around now and this alone is making lots of people very unwell, especially if you live in a suburban area. We live here on 40 acres out in the Rushworth State Forest,although we do not have WiFi and only have very weakmobile phone signals affecting us there, we still have aGeoclense Orgone Generatorthere as there and it still makes a difference, and certainly would not be without this protection.

Geoclense Orgone Generators Harmonize All Harmful Energy

The town where our office is in Rushworth, regional Victora, has had some really bad energy here, with thousands of lost souls as a result of Gold Mining here for over 100 years.

When our Technical Advisor, Gerard Bini first did a Google Earth Remote Reading on the entire town, he said the energy here was horrible! Health Practitioners I used to work with in Melbourne, wouldn’t even get out of their vehicles when they went there one day, as they were able to see all these entities.

Several of our Kinesiology clients who live in this Rushworth have bought Geoclense Orgone Generators in recent years. We even had one shop who stocked our Orgone Products at one stage and had a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in there, right in Main Street. We had someone living on the opposite side of Main Street who also had a Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in too, as well as several others around town.

Rushworth Township Now Looks Better And All Harmful Energy Has Now BeenRemoved

About 12 months later, Gerard Bini looked at Rushworth on Google Earth and did another Remote Reading of the town. He was extremely surprised to see how much the energy of the town entire town had been cleaned up and had changed. We have now totally changed the energy of the entire town.

Not only that, we had severe drought here for many years and hardly any rain at all. In 2011, the Geoclense Orgone Generators plugged in, around town and with using Orgone Generator Plates as Rainmakers, we had more than here last year than in 25 years. Free Rainmaker Instructions are available with your purchase of any of our Dome Orgone Generators, Orgone Generator Plates and our Aircraft Harmonizer Orgone Generators.