Energy Sensitivity And Fine Tuning These Amazing Orgone Devices

Energy Sensitivity And Fine Tuning These Amazing Orgone Devices

What materials beside metal would diminish the effects of my Orgone Generators?

Metal such as aluminium foil and plastic will not diminish nor decrease the effects of Orgone Energy And Schumann Resonances as these energy frequencies will easily penetrate through these.

These protection products resonate the energy you find naturally in nature where it has not been affected by man-made influences and it is the energy of the planet. Therefore, why would you wish to diminish or reduce their beneficial healing effects of nature, when your protection products are providing you with energy healing and protection from all forms of harmful energy?

Is there a way I can diminish the strength of my Orgone Generators?

In the many years we have provided these highly beneficial energy healing products, we have had perhaps less than 0.01% of customers ask us how to diminish the effects of these powerful energy healing product.

When these people addressed their health issues, then they are absolutely fine with their Orgone Products. Plus they have the added benefits of incredible improvements in their health, wellness and energy levels and no longer felt they require to diminish the effects of their energy protection products.

This issue is not caused by these high efficacy protection products, but are usually caused by underlying low-grade health issues, or other influences. We have found this to be the case each and every time anyone as asked us how to diminish the effects of these products.

Would placing them in a cardboard box diminish their effects?

No not all all. You cannot diminish, stop or block Negative Ions Resonances this way as they easily penetrate through cardboard.

Will putting my Orgone Generator in a metal water tumbler or a metal cooking pot with lid work to diminish its effects?

Not really. To diminish the effects of Negative Ion Resonances which are naturally found in nature away from cities, you would have to place your Domes Generators inside a very thick metal steel case that was entirely sealed to diminish their effects.

Otherwise take your protection products entirely off your premises completely by lending them to friends or family for a short period of time as their is no way to diminish their healing effects without a very strong sealed metal case.

Will wrapping it in a cloth help to diminish its effects?

No not at all. Cloth will not diminish nor block their effects.

Do you have an example of a metal box that I can use to store my Devices in to diminish or seal off their effects?

No. You would have to get one purpose built.

Once again, why would you want to diminish or stop the natural energy frequencies of Nature healing you and providing you with total protection with their constant Negative Ion Resonance?

I bought a Dome Generator and noticed that it was encased in a plastic box in bubble wrap inside a cardboard box. Is this the best ways to diminish or seal their effects during transport?

This is so that your Dome Generator would not get damaged when we ship it to you. The plastic box packaging that these come in, is the best packaging we can use to display the Dome Generators at Trade Shows for people to see them clearly.

We do not wish to stop or diminish the effects of these protection products during shipment, as they are providing many people a great amount of radiation protectcing by completely harmonizing and neutralizing their entire aircraft whilst in transit. If we were to diminish the effects of these products in transit, they would not protect many people on their way to you when they go via Airmail, as they are put on planes as cargo.

Do the Orgone Generators diminish or decrease their field strength from the center outward or is the field strength the same for the entire range that it covers?

Negative Ion Resonance is evenly distributed throughout the entire device, and not just from their centre.

I am energy sensitive and find that havingOrgone Generators is like stimulating caffeine, although these Orgone Devices are much better than others I bought in the past. Can their effects feel stressful when being around it all the time when I cannot diminish them?

If you are over-energized (as in Chinese Medicine) then you may be required to be address any underlying reason for this therefore to diminish the effects of your protection products would be counter-productive.

You may have a TMJ Jaw imbalance and are in Stage 2 or Stage 3 Adrenal Stress, as are most people living in modern cities in our modern society

The over energized effect is not caused by your Negative Ion Resonance Generators, which are currently doing an incredible amount of Energy Healing for you.

You require to allow your body time to go through the healing process which may mean you sleep a lot more. You will speed this process up by seeing a Kinergetics Kinesiologist to find out why this is causing this.