Orgone Energy Healing Products

Cant Sleep?T he very first thing you will discover when you wrap yourself up in your luxurious Orgone Energy Healing Blanket is the incredible sensation of being complete snug, protected and safe. All electromagnetic fields and earth magnetic radiation is then reflected away from your body, which can often be why we can’t sleep well, or get proper rest, making it the best of insomnia cures.You then become conscious of the subtle energy shifts as the Miracle Orgone Blanket reflects back your body’s personal infrared and ultra-high frequencies, reducing insomnia signs and symptoms, providing you the very best cure for insomnia.

For people who are really unwell and for elderly individuals, you might wish to wrap yourself up within your Miracle Orgone Blanket for up to 24 hours a day, every day if you wish to. This delivers the optimal balance of wholesome, favourable Negative Ions back into your body at a considerably faster rate for restoration and acceleration the healing process, especially for when you can’t sleep. The delightful powerful therapeutic advantages of these splendid Miracle Orgone Blankets are: * Protection from Electromagnetic Fields, Geopathic Stress and Electrostatic fields * Healing and restoration with additional higher energy frequencies for your body* Amazing benefits from infrared emissions for detoxification which reduces pain and discomfort * Reduces mind chatter and relaxes your body so that you can rest and get deeper sleep in our fast-paced world * Brings amazing harmony and balance to your body, mind and spirit *Perfect for qualified Health and Wellness Practitioners to wrap individuals in throughout their Healing sessions Would you like to learn about the extraordinary healing advantages of utilizing these proficient Orgone Energy Healing products? Subscribe to our Newslettertoday!

These amazing eco-friendly Bamboo Orgone Blankets are 100% bamboo with satin edging. They are fully machine washable but are required to be dried on a Clothes Line only to avoid accumulation.