Orgone Energy, The Ultimate Zapper And Multiple Sclerosis

Orgone Energy, The Ultimate Zapper And Multiple Sclerosis

The Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator can be carried with you wherever you go, versus being limited to use in aeroplanes. Many of our customers use the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator by taking these with them everywhere they go to keep them protected.

The Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator provides a 30 metres or 99 feet radius protective energy sphere.

Please note to get the maximum area of cover from the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes versus the Orgone Generator plates, these items expand their area of coverage based on how hard the surface is they are placed on, which may provide up to 80 metres protection.

Can I use an Aicraft Travel Orgone Generator for my computer? Can I use the Water Ionizer Plate versus the Dome Orgone Generator for food and products?

All of these protection products will protect you from radiation and electromagnetic fields from all computers, as well as many forms of harmful energy.

The main difference in the Orgone Energy Plates versus the Dome Orgone Generator, is that they are flat, which is better a better design for placing objects on top of them. All of these highly efficient Orgone Products cover all forms of harmful energy even while they are ionizing your food, water or anything else.

You can simply place an Orgone Dome or an Orgone Plate inside or on top of your refrigerator to energize and rejuvenate all food, drinks and water inside. You can place your Orgone Schumann Generator Dome on a hard surface such as wood, metal or ceramic and then place your food, water and drinks beside it for five minutes for energizing.

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator does this too, however versus the Orgone Dome and Orgone Plates these are effective for energizing specific items or harmful areas within your home such as your refrigerator.

Do all these Orgone products cover any area in width versus height evenly?

Yes. The area that the Orgonium Orgone Schumann Resonance provides covers is an sphere or dome. Therefore, they provide you with coverage in all ten directions, including are area under the ground beneath where these items protect you from Earth Magnetic Radiation and all forms of Geopathic stress.

If I have the Geoclense, what are the benefits versus the Orgone Blanket when I am covered already? Can I use the Orgone Blanket the same versus the Ionic Wand for healing? Can I use the Orgone Blanket for my water and skin products?

The benefit of an Orgone Blanket is to more specicially wrap yourself inside it to use it as a therapeutic Orgone energy healing tool.

Orgone Blankets are ideal for anyone who has long-term chronic illness such as Lyme Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and other illnesses where there are too many harmful Positive Ions in the body, or when you wish to give yourself rejuvenation.

Orgone Blankets are designed to bring the balance of healing beneficial Negative Ions back into balance in the body. The other Orgone Products versus the Orgone Blankets will do this in the same way, however, not as effectively as wrapping yourself in an Orgone Blanket for the rejuvenating benefits you receive when doing this.

An Orgone Blanket may be used to energize food, water and skincare products, but versus the other specific Orgone Products, Orgone Blankets are not designed for this purpose and would take longer to energize specific items, as each Orgone Schumann Generator has a specific purpose too.

Can I use the Orgone Blanket versus the Ionic Wand for healing or is the wand better for that?

The Orgone Energy Ionic Wand is designed to do something completely different versus the Orgone Blankets, as advised in the product description. The Orgone Energy Ionic Wand is designed for running through your Aura and Light Bodies or energy fields the clear imbalances in this way. It is also specificially designed in the size and shape to hold in your hand as you go around drinks, water and food.