Orgone Generators and Chemtrail Busters

Orgone Generators and Chemtrail Busters

The amazingAircraft EMR Harmonizercan be placed in your hand luggage, your checked in luggage, or carried with you in your handbag, purse, briefcase, backpack or pocket if you prefer. Look no further for a highly protective harmonizer that will protect you no matter where you are or what forms of harmful energy you are exposed to.

The Aircraft EMR Harmonizer provides you with 30 metres of personal space protection around you. As long as your Aircraft EMR Harmonizer is within that distance from you, you are totally protected, even when using a computer and WiFi.

Your Aircraft EMR Harmonizer is a powerful energy healing tool. However, we would not recommend wearing your Aircraft EMR Harmonizer in your bra, as we have found one customer doing, as the Aircraft EMR Harmonizer may bring about more healing than your body is able to handle, and cause a great deal of detoxification.

How does this fit with the advice of placing Dome Orgone Generators on a hard surface?

The Aircraft EMR Harmonizer comes with completely different programming to the Orgone Schumann Generator Dome. Therefore, the Aircraft EMR Harmonizer is ot designed to be placed on a hard surface, although you can still use it this way if you wish to. However, the Aircraft EMR Harmonizesr will work well and even better when placed on a hard surface too.

The Aircraft Harmonizers are designed to harmonize an entire aircraft, bus or train, even when inside your luggage and will even work on soft surfaces.

Can I do manifestation and creating what I want in life with an Aircraft EMR Harmonizer, as I will buy the food and water energizer plate later?

Yes, you can certainly use your Aircraft EMR Harmonizer for creating more in your life. Simply write what it is that you would like more of in your life on a piece of paper. Place this on top of or even beneath your Aircraft EMR Harmonizer, and leave it there while you ask yourself questions on how you can create what it is you desire. We just did that to get some major website issues fixed last week, and now they have fixed them!

If you wish to use your Aircraft EMR Harmonizer when you go out, simply take it with you, and then replace it with the piece of paper when you return. The same can be done with the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators and Food And Water Energizers Plates.