Testing Harmful Energy – Orgone Energy Healing Products

Testing Harmful Energy – Orgone Energy Healing Products

I see that Orgone Pendants assist with improving sleep and all sorts of things, and the sports wrist bands are more for sports, or do they provide the same benefits as the pendants.

All Orgone Pendants and all Orgone Energy Sports Bands all provide 10 metres of personal space protection.

We promote the Orgone Energy Wrists Bands for sporting activities, as many people want an Orgone Pendant bouncing around around when they are active, or that may be in the way when they are swimming, for example.

The Orgone Energy Wrist Bands will improve sleep; get assist with Night Terrors, and more just as the Orgone Energy Pendant do.

Do the Orgone Wristbands only come in adult’s size and not children’s size?

No they come in two sizes:

  • One size is for Men
  • One size is for Women/Children

Would an Orgone Pendant or an Orgone Wristband be suitable for my 5 and 10 year old then?

For children below 10 years of age, we highly recommend the Orgone Energy Wrist Band, as we have found that often children of this age tend to lose an Orgone Pendant, but not always.

Also, the other advantage of the Orgone Wristband is, if they are too initially, they can be worn around their ankles until they are bigger.

If theOrgone Wristbands are for sport then I think my only other option ispendants, but trying to get my five year old boy to wear one I am not 100%sure if he would?

As you will have read above, the Orgone Energy Wrist Bands are NOT primarily for sport and they are absolutely find for small children as many mothers have found.

Are there other options for a five-year old child?

The other option would be to place an Iron On Orgone Generator onto his shirts or tee shorts, or other clothing.