What happens after you drink moon water?

What happens after you drink moon water?

There are a plethora of benefits that one can experience after drinking moon water. First and foremost, it helps you stay energized throughout the day. This is due to the unique properties of moon water, which is believed to contain lunar energy that can invigorate the body and mind. In addition to boosting your energy levels, moon water may also assist in cleansing and revitalizing your energy. This is why it is utilized to heal the spiritual side of you, since it is thought that the moon will have the power to enhance qualities such as surrender, acceptance, and peace, which could also be described as feminine or yin energy. Here are some other benefits you may experience after drinking moon water:

  • Improved intuition and psychic awareness
  • Increased emotional stability and balance
  • Enhanced creativity and inspiration
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Boosted immune system function

Overall, drinking moon water can be a powerful way to connect with the energy of the moon and tap into its healing properties. If you are looking to improve your physical health and spiritual wellbeing, consider incorporating moon water into your daily routine.

Introduction to Moon Water and Its Benefits

Moon water is water charged with the energy of the moon. It is a simple yet powerful tool used in crystal spirituality to enhance the energetic properties of crystals, cleanse and revitalizing the energy of oneself, and to connect more deeply with the cycles of the moon. Drinking moon water has been known to provide various benefits, such as aiding in better sleep, enhancing intuition, and promoting overall wellbeing.

In addition to these benefits, many people also claim that drinking moon water can enhance their energy levels. Its energizing properties can help to promote mental clarity, improve mood and focus, and provide the body with the energetic boost it needs to take on the day. It is believed that water is a powerful conductor of energy, and when charged with the energy of the moon, it can become an incredibly potent source of energy for the body and mind.

The Energizing Properties of Moon Water

Drinking moon water is like drinking a powerful potion that can help to boost energy levels in the body and mind. The moon’s energy is considered to be feminine or yin energy, which is linked with qualities such as intuition, creativity, and receptivity. Since the moon rules the tides and our body is mostly made up of water, the energy from the moon can potentially affect us in many ways, including enhancing our energy levels.

One way moon water can help with energy is by increasing spiritual energy, which is the energy that flows within the body of individuals. Moon water can help bring balance and harmony to this energy, thereby promoting optimal well-being for the individual. It is also believed that drinking moon water during a full moon can significantly heighten the energy within the body.

Cleansing and Revitalizing Energy with Moon Water

Another use of moon water is for cleansing and revitalizing energy. Just like how water cleanses our physical body when we bathe, moon water can cleanse our energy body. The moon possesses powerful energy that can help in removing negativity, fears and doubts, and past trauma from our energy field.

Moon water can be used as a tool for releasing negative emotions, letting go of emotional baggage, and clearing blockages within the chakras. Drinking moon water can also help in aligning one’s energy and balancing the mind, body, and spirit. It provides a sense of clarity and lightness to the energy field that can help one feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Moon Water and Its Healing Benefits for the Spiritual Self

Moon water holds many healing benefits for the spiritual self. It is a very powerful tool used for enhancing psychic abilities and intuition. Drinking moon water can help with spiritual growth by opening up the third eye chakra, which is responsible for clairvoyance, divination, and spiritual insight.

Moon water can also help in connecting with the higher realms, for example, the divine or angels. When drinking moon water as part of a spiritual ritual, it can help in strengthening the connection with the divine, making the experience more profound and enhancing communication with the unseen world.

The Power of the Moon in Enhancing Surrender, Acceptance, and Peace

The moon has a profoundly feminine or yin energy that promotes qualities such as surrender, acceptance, and peace. These are qualities that are essential for spiritual growth, as they help in finding inner peace and cultivating a deep sense of contentment.

The energy of the moon is very calming and nurturing. Drinking moon water during times of stress or emotional turmoil can create a sense of calm and help in promoting deep relaxation. It also helps in creating space for surrender, acceptance, and letting go of what no longer serves us, thereby promoting a deep sense of peace.

Feminine/Yin Energy and Moon Water

The energy of the moon is feminine, also known as Yin energy. Yin energy is often associated with qualities such as intuition, receptivity, creativity, and nurturing. These qualities are essential for creating a balance between the masculine and feminine energies in the body, which is known as the Yin-Yang balance.

Drinking moon water can help in nurturing the feminine energy within the body, promoting creativity, intuition, and receptivity. In turn, this can help in balancing the opposite energies within the body, such as action, logic and assertiveness – the Yang energy.

Practical Uses of Moon Water in Crystal Spirituality

Moon water has a range of practical uses in crystal spirituality. It can help in enhancing the energetic properties of crystals, creating crystal elixirs or tonics, and cleansing crystals. Moon water is a powerful tool, often used in manifestations or intentions setting rituals. Its high vibrational energy can help in amplifying the energy of the intention set.

Moon water can also be infused with herbs, such as lavender or chamomile, to enhance the energy’s healing properties. The added herbs will carry their energetic signature, thereby creating an elixir that is energetically aligned with the intention or ritual.

How to Make Your Own Moon Water for Spiritual Healing

Making moon water is easy and straightforward. Here are a few steps to create your own:

Step 1: Find a clear glass jar that you will use for charging the water.

Step 2: Fill the jar with distilled or spring water.

Step 3: Cover the jar with a clean cloth or lid.

Step 4: Place the jar in a spot where it will receive moonlight.

Step 5: Allow the water to charge with the moon’s energy for at least 2 hours or overnight during the full moon phase.

Step 6: Remove the jar from the moonlight and drink the water regularly, use it in elixirs, or add it to your bath.

In conclusion, moon water is a powerful tool that has many benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Drinking moon water can enhance energy levels, promote spiritual growth, and promote inner peace. It is easy to create your own moon water and incorporate it into your daily spiritual routine. With its high vibrational energy, moon water is a wonderful addition to any crystal spirituality practice.