What Is The Difference Between Types Of Orgonium Orgone Energy Pendants

What Is The Difference Between Types Of Orgonium Orgone Energy Pendants

What Is The Advantage Of The Water And Food Ionizer Protection Products?

The advantage of havingWater and Food Ionizersas well as other protection products from our rangte, is that you can more specifically energize and ionize items such as your drinks, wine, or give your food an extra zing. You may wish to place all your hair care products, skin care products, saving products and make-up on yourWater and Food Ionizerfor a few minutes just prior to use.

So Do I Require Phone Computer WiFi Protection Products With My Geoclense EMR Harmonizer?

You would not require Phone Computer WiFi Protectors if you have a Geoclense EMR Harmonizer plugged into your home, office or at work as these powerful protection products covers all forms of harmful energy from everything in your home where ever you have one operating, including all your wireless devices, all cordless and mobile phones and all computers.

You will only require these protection products in use if you are operating these electronic devices away from home such as when you go out, and are away from the protection of your Geolclense EMR Harmonizer.

What About Protection Products For Our Vehicles?

The Vehicle and Car EMF Protector is the best of protection products available for you while you are driving. Your Vehicle and Car EMF Protector will reduce your stress whilst driving, as well as reduce driver fatigue.

What About Personal Protection Products When I am Out Exercising Or At Work?

You would still wish to wear your Quantum Pendants when you are away from your home, participating or sports or exercise, or at the office or workplace where yourGeoclense EMR Harmonizer is plugged, to keep you protected from harmful energy, and even psychic attack, such as while you are at out shopping or socializing.

And What About Protection Products For My Water?

The Orgone Water Bottles work differently from your Quantum Pendants and will also provide you with 10 metres of protection. Your Orgone Bottle is designed to ionize and energize the water or drinks you place inside them, and still work as protection products for all water and drinks you place in your Water Bottles.