What Is The Most Suitable Orgone Energy Protection For Children Under 10 Years Old?

What Is The Most Suitable Orgone Energy Protection For Children Under 10 Years Old?

How Does Energy Sensitivity Improve These Orgone Products?

Due to having high levels of energy sensitivity ourselves, we have been able to fine tune these highly effective Orgone Products beyond what everyone else is doing on the entire planet.

As we have a greater level of energy sensitivity than most, and have developed our energy sensitivity even further, we can feel the effects of all harmful energies more than others, and we feel the effects of these effective Orgone Products as we have them around us everywhere we go. This is how we are able to help so many people who have excessive energy sensitiivity.

Why Do People Become More Energy Sensitive Than Others?

When we find people are have high energy sensitivity that is not normal, experience electrification or electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) to harmful energies, it can generally be a few things:

  • They have Mercury, Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins in their bodies, and Candida is badly out of balance or Lyme Disease
  • Ectoplasm Entity Imprinting in their home or attached to their higher selves.

These people often suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, EMF Sensitivity and severe allergies as they may also have Porphyria (1 in 5 people have this and it is going to get worse). This acute energy sensitivity may be because:

  • They may be under Psychic attack, be having their energy drained by someone, or are carrying around Entities, negative energy fields, etc (entities are everywhere all the time and we need to clear these constantly cleared the best way to clear these daily is to see anAccess ConsciousnessFacilitator or attend the courses and learn these techniques yourself. This may be a cause of acute energy sensitivity.
  • They may be living on land that is cursed which we clear for our customers. When we clear this we get such am immediate response from customers noticing an incredible difference in how they feel right away, and their acute energy sensitivity goes away.

What Can We Do To Reduce Energy Sensitivity?

We always work with all of our customers to completely resolve what is going on for them, which is why we do not provide a money back guarantee. This is because we would prefer to assist you correct your health issues cause unusual energy sensitivity, whilst the Orgonium Orgone Products assist you with your healing process.When customers come back to us saying they are still have some energy sensitivity, or they still don’t feel right or they feel that there something else is going on once they have placed their highly protective Orgone Products in place, we provide them with a free Google Earth Remote Reading of their property. We can tune into their energy fields to see what is going on if their property, and if it is being totally harmonized and neutralized by these efficient Orgone products. We most often find these fall into the above categories listed above we assist many people to overcome their energy sensitivity by either correcting whatever issues they have, or referring them to appropriate practitioners to assist them further.