Does Orgone Energy Assist Me To Release My Emotions?

Does Orgone Energy Assist Me To Release My Emotions?

Orgone Energy Generators have long been known for their impact on weather conditions, as was the cloud buster, and are a fantactic tool to make it rain, especially if you have rain clouds over your region that the rain does not seem to come out of. You can use any of a Dome, Plate, Schumann Generator or Aircraft EMF Harmonizer as a Rainmaker to make it rain.

We used our Rainmaker here all through a very hot and dry summer a few years ago to make it rain, and then in the following winter we got the most rain in 25 years, totally breaking a record breaking drought.

We did not use the Rainmaker the following summer to make it rain, and after we had a very dry winter that year. We had very few wildflowers that spring, this usually indicates that we are in for a very hot, dry summer. Just goes to show how effective the Rainmaker is.

Many Of the Orgone Energy Generators Can Be Used As A Rainmaker

Several years ago when my mother was visiting for several weeks, the weather kept looking like it was going to rain and huge black clouds would be all around us. We would only get a few spots or nothing.

So one day I said to my mother “Right that’s it, I have had enough of this weather! I am going to get out there with my Rainmaker out and make it rain!” and out I went with my Rainmaker. My mother just shook her head, as she sat there watching me use my Rainmaker to make it rain.

Lo and behold, it poured with rain that very afternoon. My mother was astonished! Coincidence? Or did using the Rainmaker actually make it rain that day? No coincidence I believe as no rain had come out of those clouds for months and months and months, until that day when I actually used the rainmaker.

Which Products Can Be Used As A Rainmaker?

When you purchase any of the Dome Generators, Ionizer Plates, Schumann Generators or the Aircraft EMF Harmonizer, you receive a copy of the Rainmaker Procedure for free, which can be immediately downloaded upon your purchase. Then you can use any of these as a Rainmaker to make it rain too.

The best product to use to make it rain would be the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators, but the other products also mentioned will work too.

Tower Busters, Cloud Busters And Chemtrail Busters Are Out-Of-Date Old Orgonite Technology

The highly protective Dome Orone Energy Generators would totally supersede cloud busters and tower busters, and would be more effective for “gifting”, especially when placed on a hard surface, as this will magnify their protective energy dome greatly providing way more protection than anything else possible.

Otherwise, the plugin Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator would be way more effective than the old style cloud busters and towerbusters, especially for keepingChemtrailsand Contrails away from your property!