Tree Of Life Orgone Pyramids

What is the Tree of Life Orgonna Do to You? The Tree of Life has an ancient origin from the Egyptian Papyrus and other ancient Near Eastern documents. The idea of a Tree of Life has its roots in the teachings of The Egyptians, who believed that the world is balanced on a tree like […]

Orgone Pyramids

Orgone Pyramids The Orgonians are an ancient people who have been practicing the art of yoga and meditation for thousands of years. The Orgonians have used Orgone Pyramids for healing and recovery in the past. Now they use these amazing devices to help them recover from disease and ailments that can be very difficult to […]

Geoclense Negative Ion Generator

Far More Effective Than An Orgone Pyramid With A Far More Powerful Energy Field The highly effective Dome Orgone Generator is a powerful chi accumulator, as well as a Schumann Waves Generator. Orgone Energy Chi Accumulators raise the vibrational rate of the magnetic grids and fault zones to a life giving status, reducing the physical […]

Orgone Energy Healing Products

Cant Sleep?T he very first thing you will discover when you wrap yourself up in your luxurious Orgone Energy Healing Blanket is the incredible sensation of being complete snug, protected and safe. All electromagnetic fields and earth magnetic radiation is then reflected away from your body, which can often be why we can’t sleep well, […]

What Area Of Coverage Do The Orgone Ionic Shoe Insoles Protect?

Deadly Orgone Resonance (DOR) is just another name for a harmful Positive Ion resonance field; andPositive Orgone Resonance (POR) is a healthy, beneficial healing Negative Ion resonance field. The healthy Negative ion resonance (POR) balances out the harmful Positive Ion resonance (DOR), which in turn neutralizes the stress on your organs especially your Heart, Immune […]

Orgonium Works Exactly Like Helmholtz Super Conductive Coils?

As these Orgonium products are 3000% more effective than any other radiation protection products available on the market, you have made the right choice. Please see showing how these highly protective Orgonium protection products actually work Orgone Energy Research The company overseas who did this testing the Orgonium products, did this for themselves to see […]

More About Orgonium Versus Orgonite

We are always being affected by new forms of harmful energy. Recent harmful energy attacks have been in the form of Satellite beams and Personal Beams which have been attacking everyone recently. You would have been beamed by these if you have been in an airport recently which is why we highly recommend doing a […]