Life Force: Good and Bad Energy #4, Orgone

Orgone accumulator is a device invented by Wilhelm Reich to detect orgone energy and to prove its exitence. The orgone accumulator will make a mercury thermometer suspended on top of it measure hotter temperature than its surrounding. It is believe that hotter temperature above the device is the sign of the existence of orgone. The […]

Life Force: Sun as the Source of Orgone

Energy is often seen to have duality. It can be a good energy or a bad energy. Here is the last from four series of theory that describing the difference betwen good and bad energy. Orgone Orgone is a term used by Wilhelm Reich for life fore energy. There is OR or POR term used […]

What Sort Of Result Can I Expect From My Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator?

Please do not mistake these top quality highly effective Orgone Products with the negative effects Steterizers Filters, which have set buildings on fire both here in Australia and in USA. They may be the nearest comparable products to theGeoclense Negative Generator, which cost around USD$700.00 and only do atiny fraction of what thesehighly protective Orgone […]

Clearing Residual Energies With Your Orgone Pendant

An energy field created by these highly protective Orgone Generator Plate is based on how hard the surface is that the item is placed on. The Orgone Generator Plate works regardless of whether you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator or not. In fact, adding some Orgone Generator Plates to your home will actually increase the […]

Can I Diminish The Effects Of My Orgone Products As I Am Energy Sensitive?

A Geoclense Negative In Generator will most definitely harmonize and neutralize the harmful energy attacks that you are been experiencing from this type of electronic torture, electonic harassment orinterference, including Lilly Waves used by mind control devices such as digital televisions. A active static field system is created by a Helmholtz coil, which when you […]