Orgone Pyramids

Orgone Pyramids

Orgone Pyramids

orgone pyramids

The Orgonians are an ancient people who have been practicing the art of yoga and meditation for thousands of years. The Orgonians have used Orgone Pyramids for healing and recovery in the past. Now they use these amazing devices to help them recover from disease and ailments that can be very difficult to cure. Their healing properties have been proven over time.

Orgone pyramids function in much the same way as an orgone stick. They are designed to focus the life force energy of the user in order to stimulate the necessary healing process. Their small but strong shape is easy to carry and its unique ability to produce orgone energy allows it to function more quickly than other orgone sticks. Orgone pyramids also use what are called “vibration frequencies” to help with the healing process, producing what are known as “orgone energies”.

What are orgone pyramids? An orgone pyramid is a pair of sticks, much like a tea length tea set or a matchbox, and they are placed on top of a bed, table, floor, wall or any other location where you wish to achieve orgone energies. They are usually held by your hands or a stick is placed on each one. You will feel a vibration as the energy passes through you. The sound of the Orgonian Orgoglio is a deep ringing sound that resonates with the universe and with your own personal life force energy.

What are orgone pyramids made from? Orgonian pyramids can be made from a wide variety of materials, including brass and silver, glass and stone, bone and wooden, leather and sometimes even just stones! These types of pyramids can be found in most shamanic traditions, and some Native American tribes believe they bring great luck and healing to the user. Some of these Native American tribes hold that the origin of these pyramids came from the early Polynesian Islands.

Why do I feel I am getting more of what I pay for with these orgone pyramids? Because I know that the orgone pyramids energy functions are grounded and that they have been tested to show their effectiveness in healing conditions. That is why the Orgonians created their own unique formula that heals the body and the spirit by tapping into what is called the “Universal Life Force Energy” and transmitting it into the patient. These Orgonian pyramids actually work!

Can anyone use orgone pyramids successfully? Yes! Anyone with any level of physical or emotional trauma can gain the ability to convert toxic energy to positive energy and use the Orgonian energy vortex system as a way to release and eliminate toxic energy from the body. The Orgonians have been able to heal the body from all sorts of sicknesses, including illness, disease, and injury.

How can you make your orgone device work for you? Well, like anything you make work for you, the key is finding the right one. You need to buy an Orgonian that has been made by an authentic Orgonian tribe, one that has been tested and proven effective. You also need to buy an Orgonian that has an ability to work on multiple energy levels, which makes the product more effective. You will also want to find Orgonian products that have worked well for others in the past and who are willing to share their experiences with you.

One way you can make sure that you are getting an Orgonian product that has been proven to work is to buy it online. While you may be able to find some Orgonians at local stores in your area, many are only available through reputable distributors and online stores. These Orgonians are made using authentic Orgonian resin and not some cheap synthetic resin that can be harmful to your health. When you buy an Orgonian online, you know you are buying a product that has been tested and trusted as a form of orgone energy therapy for centuries, not a new product with a fancy packaging that has not been proven effective.