What things should not be in house?

What things should not be in house?

As a crystal spirituality expert, I can attest that the objects we keep in our homes can have a significant impact on our lives, both positively and negatively. While we may not always be conscious of it, the energy and symbolism of the items we surround ourselves with can affect our moods, thoughts, and overall wellbeing. In fact, there are some things that should not be in our homes if we want to promote a harmonious and peaceful environment. According to Vastu, a traditional Indian system of architecture and design, certain animals and birds should be avoided in our decor choices. Here are a few examples:

• Paintings, pictures, and sculptures of snakes, pigs, and donkeys are thought to bring negative energy into a space. Snakes are often associated with deception and danger, pigs with dirt and gluttony, and donkeys with stubbornness and stupidity.
• Birds such as eagles, owls, bats, vultures, crows, and pigeons are also considered inauspicious in Vastu. Eagles and owls are associated with predatory behavior, bats with darkness and evil, vultures with death and decay, crows with bad luck or misfortune, and pigeons with instability or restlessness.
• If you are a couple sharing a bedroom, it’s also recommended to avoid displaying a single animal or bird in the room. This is thought to promote disharmony and conflict in the relationship.

While these guidelines may seem strict or superstitious to some, they reflect the ancient wisdom and symbolism that underpins many cultural traditions. By being mindful of the objects we bring into our homes, we can create a space that feels nurturing, balanced, and aligned with our highest intentions.

Negative Energy in House

Home is a place where people prefer to spend their leisure time with their loved ones. A home with positive energy and vibes is the ultimate goal. It is said that everything in our surroundings hold energy, and it can impact our lives positively or negatively. Negative energy can create a pessimistic atmosphere, and one should avoid such objects or things from their house. Negative environment has more chances of conflicts, stress, and emotional disturbance. Thus, one should be careful while choosing objects for their house.

Harmful Impact of Paintings, Pictures, and Sculptures

Paintings, sculptures, and pictures are the essential things that add decoration to our house. But, it is a belief that the objects we choose for our house hold spiritual energy, and it can bring negative outcomes in our lives. One should take proper care while choosing paintings, sculptures, and pictures for their house. As per Vastu, animal and bird sculptures and pictures can bring negative vibes to your living space. Some animal sculptures and pictures such as snakes, pigs, donkeys, eagles, owls, bats, vultures, birds, crows, and pigeons should be avoided.

Animals to be Avoided at Home

According to Vastu, some animals should not be kept inside our house, as it can bring negative energies. One should avoid keeping animals like snakes, pigs, donkeys, eagles, owls, bats, vultures, birds, crows, and pigeons as pets or figurines inside the house. Snakes, pigs and donkeys are considered as dirty animals, and eagles, vultures, and owls are associated with death, while bats, crows, and pigeons are believed to bring negativity, clashes, and disputes.

Vastu Guidelines for Couple’s Bedroom

Vastu Shastra suggests specific guidelines that should be followed concerning the couple’s bedroom. According to Vastu, the bedroom should display the love between the couple, and one animal or bird should be displayed to symbolize harmony, love, and support between the partners. If you are putting a sculpture or a painting of animals or birds, it is recommended to choose a love bird or a dove. Putting other animals or birds can create tensions and conflicts between the couple.

Effects of Snakes, Pigs, Donkeys, Eagles, Owls, Bats, Vultures, Birds, Crows, and Pigeons

As per Vastu, keeping items like snake or pig sculptures and pictures in the house can bring financial loss and negativity. Similarly, donkeys are known for carrying heavy loads, and they are associated with hard work, whereas keeping an eagle in the house is said to bring negativity around health and wealth. Owls are associated with death and are not recommended for household objects. Bats are associated with negativity and are supposed to bring conflicts in the house. Vultures are believed to bring ill luck and should be avoided, while birds, crows, and pigeons can create confusion, disputes, and conflicts in the house.

Creating a Positive Environment in Your Home

A positive environment in the house can be created by arranging and decorating it wisely. One should choose objects, paintings, and sculptures that represent calmness, peace, and harmony. Avoid objects that can bring negativity and conflicts, and let the light and air enter your house. Keeping fresh flowers, welcoming colors, and soothing fragrances can create a happy environment. One should keep their house clean, decluttered, and organized. It is said that a decluttered space helps in the circulation of positive vibes and creates a happy and peaceful environment.

In conclusion, negative energy can bring conflicts, stress, and emotional disturbance in our lives. When choosing objects for our house, the selection should be made wisely, keeping in mind the objects that can bring positive energies. One should be careful while selecting animals and birds-themed sculptures and pictures as per Vastu guidelines. The best way to create a positive environment in the house is to keep it clean, decluttered, and organized. So, let in the light, air, and positivity in your house by decorating it wisely.