Clearing Residual Energies With Your Orgone Pendant

Clearing Residual Energies With Your Orgone Pendant

An energy field created by these highly protective Orgone Generator Plate is based on how hard the surface is that the item is placed on. The Orgone Generator Plate works regardless of whether you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator or not. In fact, adding some Orgone Generator Plates to your home will actually increase the healing and protective benefits.

Would a small Ionizer Plate work to further harmonize the electromagnetic radiation in my fridge, as well as a Geocleanse?

Yes. Although you would find the larger Ionizer Plate may be much more useful as it has a larger surface area to place food, water, drinks and supplements on while it is in your fridge.

The small Ionizer plate will cover all contents of your refrigerator if placed on a very hard surface such as metal, ceramic or wood. This would further rejuvenate you food to give it that extra zing, along with your Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator, keeping your food fresher for longer.

I was reading the small Ionizer Plate it says it works for 10 meters or 50 metres when placed on a hard surface. Do I have to have Geocleanse in the house for Ionizer Plate to cover 50 meters?

The energy field created by these highly protective Ionizer Platesis based on how hard the surface is that the item is placed on, such as glass, steel, wood or ceramics whereas the Geocleanse will extend out to the boundaries of your whole property to include all the land around the buildings as well as protect the buildings and all occupants.

The Ionizer Plates work regardless of whether you have a Geocleanse or not. In fact, the Geoclense will actually increase the healing and protective benefits of any of our protective energy healing products you add along with the Geocleanse.

What is the difference between the Domes, the Geocleanse Negative Ion Geneator and the Ionizer Plates?

It takes two Domesto do what theGeocleansedoes, although they would not be as protective due to the Geocleanse working in quite a different way.

The Geocleanse is way more effectivedue to its ability to magnify itself once connected to your electrical wiring and Earth stake, to cover your entire property (such as an entire office building and an even an entire farm).

One Dome will cover an area of 40 to 80 metres as long as your Dome is placed on the hardest surface possible. You can even place Domes a metal kitchen bench to further energize the food you are preparing to specifically energize your filtered water, or food you are about to prepare.

You can then place your food, water and supplements beside them to be energized. They work fantastically inside of or on top of refrigerators if the outside of them are made of steel, whereas the Geocleanse will do your entire property based on your property title or deed. The Geocleanse will also energize and rejuvenate all your food and drinks in your kitchen.

The difference between the Dome and the Ionizer Plates is the size, colour and shape as the Ionizer Plates are flat for placing objects on top of. The radius of the energy field that they cover is different in comparison to how the Geocleanse. The Geocleanse energizes everything on your entire property including the water in your tanks and in your pipes.

The small Ionizer Plate covers an energy field of is around 10 metres whereas your Geocleanse will cover your entire home, office or workplace. When placed on a hard surface the small Ionizer Plates will create of greater protective energy field of up to 50 metres, whereas in comparison the Geocleanse covers the entire land.

The large Ionizer Plate covers around 20 metres, and when placed on a very hard surface this will create of radius of up to 100 metres. The Geocleanse covers a much great area, and will also protect you from harmful energy up to 200 metres from your residence and all the surrounding land.