Differences In Domes, Ionizer Plates And Geocleanse Devices

Differences In Domes, Ionizer Plates And Geocleanse Devices

Some people have beliefs that a certain colour has a certin meaning that that a certain colour relates to certain chakras, organs or acupuncture meridians.

The difference in colour that we offer are purely for choice, therefore, the colour an item does not make any difference to how the item works. It is simply a colour choice. If we made everything one colour, then people would be asking for another colour selection.

In my 20 years clinical experience as a Kinesiologist, I found some people were actually allergic or even energy sensitive to a certain colour based on past emotional experiences. We have found this with some customers who have found they have reacted with a certain colour in their Aircraft EMF Harmonizer or their Dome Generator.

There is absolutely no difference in how your Aircraft EMF Harmonizer works in a different colour, its effectiveness, or the amount of protection it provides based on the colour of your item nor the size of the energy field it creates.

With the Green Dome Generator is there any difference between the one I received first and the colour in my last order?

All of our Orgone Products are designed to work in exactly the same way, based on what they are created to do, and this is not based on the colour.

Most of these Orgone Products are individually hand made as described in each full product description, where we clearly state that each item will be different in colour, size, weight and shape can vary.

This is because every time our Product Manufacturer mixes each batch by hand, and cannot put exactly the same amount of colour and resin each time, making these protection products unique.

The drying temperature variations causes variations in the same colour, depending on the time of the year, the weather and the temperature variations between seasons. For example, our Orgonium Protection Products are refrigerated in summer in order for them to set correctly.

This makes each of our Orgone Devices totally unique including the colour of each batch. We do not wish to have them mass produced commercially, as this would reduce their effectiveness.