Is My Geoclense Orgone Generator Programmed to My Home Address?

Is My Geoclense Orgone Generator Programmed to My Home Address?

We were told by many that we had too much information on our EMFprotection devices website and that this is too overwhelming people. Therefore, we have taken a lot of information from our website for this reason.

Being an honest person with integrity would you please provide further research for these EMFprotection devices?

We too are honest people with high integrity being successful Complementary Medicine Health practitioners, and we do our best to provide people with any information that they require on these EMF protection devices and to contribute to the entire planet. Please note that there is noscience laboratorynor scientific equipmentthat has the technology to test or research EMFprotection devicesnor how the Orgonium Products effectively work, as there is nothing that can actually measure this, just as science cannot measure the energy of Homoeopathy.

Therefore, these EMFprotection devices are medically tested through Biofeedback devices, Kinesiology or even Heart Rate Monitor, for example.

The Car EMR Harmonizers are fantastic EMF protection devices, and I cannot deny the positive influence it is having on my Taxi service.

It is important is that people are feeling much calmer, less stressed and are more relaxed while they are in your vehicle with the Car EMR Harmonizer operating, and that you are less stressed and less fatigued whilst driving. More importantly, the occupants in the back of the vehicle no longer experience travel sickness or car sick.

This is because the Car EMR Harmonizerneutralizes the effects of the fuel lines which run under the back seat of most vehicles, beingone of the leading causesof car sickness, especially when travelling in the back seat of vehicles. Our staff have all had Car EMR Harmonizers in all our vehicles for several years now, and we all notice less fuel usage than we used before. We always carry an Aircraft Travel Orgone Generators with us everywhere we go, so perhaps the Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator is providing us with double effect on reducing our fuel usage. Here is an example. We used to do two trips into town (20-30 km return) on a quarter of a tank of petrol and then we were on empty. Since we installed the Car EMR Harmonizer, we can now do three to four trips into town depending on which town we go to.

Note that we are located in a regional area with gravel roads being third of the trip each way. That is definitely an improvement in our eyes.