How Much Protection Do Orgone Pendants Provide?

How Much Protection Do Orgone Pendants Provide?

Your Aircraft Orgone Generatorwill cover you for 30metres(99 feet approximately)whereas your Dome Orgone Generator will cover 40metres(130 feet approximately) when it is not placed on a hard surface.

Can I carry it in my purse or is it only for airplanes?

The Aircraft Orgone Generator and the Orgone Schumann Generator Domes can all be used the same way and carried with you wherever you go. Many of our customers use the Aircraft Orgone Generator by carrying one every where they go to keep them protected where ever they are, as they are not just for Aircraft travel, but for any travel anywhere.

Will my Aircraft Orgone Generator energize my water and food? Will the Ionic wand energize food and water? Can I use the Ionic Wand for my computer? How far does that cover?

Yes, the all of these Orgone Products will energize and rejuvenate your food, water and skincare products, as will the Ionic Orgone Energy Wand. They can all be used to cover your computer and all other forms of harmful energy up to 10 metres (33 feet approximately) in size.

Can I use the Water Ionizer the same as the Orgone Dome or is it only for food and products? Can I put the Water Ionizer beside my computer to protect me?

Yes, you can. The only difference is that the Water Ionizers are flat, which are much better designed for placing objects on. All of these highly efficient Orgone Products cover all forms of harmful energy even while ionizing your food, water or anything else.

They will all protect you from radiation and electromagnetic fields from your computer, and many people place them beside their computer to place their water, tea and coffee on,and will protect you from all the other forms of harmful energy

Can I use the Dome Orgone Generator for all my water and food?

Yes. Simply place it on top of your refrigerator to energize and rejuvenate all food, drinks and water inside. Or place your Dome Orgone Generator on a hard surface such as wood, metal or ceramic and place your food, water and drinks beside it from five minutes for energizing.

The Geoclense Orgone Generator will do all of this, and cover all forms of harmful energy and more.