What Is The Hertz Frequency Of The Geocleanse Device?

What Is The Hertz Frequency Of The Geocleanse Device?

No. You only require one Geoclense Orgone Generator in your situation, as all your electrical circuitry is still connected to your Earth Stake and will cover the entire area of your property. Your Geoclense Orgone Generator is already harmonizing the eentire area of your house and the surrounding property or land area to your boundary fences, as this is not dependent on each electricial circuit.

If your house is on one Property Title, your Geoclense Orgone Generator would be harmonizing and neutralizing the entire area of your land and property from boundary fence to boundary fence, including all buildings on it, no matter how may levels they have or how many separate electrical circuits you have.

This would not make sense in relation to the area of a 50 storey building being covered. Would you please clarify this?

Our Technical Advisor Gerard Bini researched how efficient the Geoclense Orgone Generator actually is in terms of the area it covers. He did this by testing it when he plugged one into an office tower with an area of some 50 floors. He found using dowsing, that one Geoclense Negative Ion Generator protected the entire area on all 50 floors for the whole office building.

Another example is one of our neighbours here in regional Victoria got a Geocleanse Orgone Generator and plugged it into his home. His farm has an area of 611 acres on three property titles. We found that his Geoclense Orgone Generator actually harmonized and neutralized some 600 acres of the farm, even though it was actually on an area of three property deeds, due the fact that the area of his entire farm had been kept this way for a long time, therefore the area of three properties were covered.

We the brought our Technical Advisor up to do a Consultation on this particular farm, to find out why one area was not actually being covered. There was some particularly noxious energies in an area in one back paddock that you could actually feel when you drove past in a car.

We fixed the harmful energies this area by placing several Orgone Schumann Generators in various locations there, as it had actually been an old Aboriginal slaughter site. Had these events had not occurred in this particular area of that paddock (here most of his livestock would not even walk), his Geoclense Negative Ion Generator would have covered the entire area of his 611 acre farm.