Geoclense Negative Ion Generators With Earthing Products

Geoclense Negative Ion Generators With Earthing Products

As according to Fred Soyka, author of The Ion Effect, states that the hertz frequency of 60-100 Hz would be over-stimulating for most of us, while less than 25 Hz frequency is more relaxing, which also allows us to rest, relax and sleep.

A Negative Ion generator with an Ion frequency of greater than 25Hz would actually keep one too alert and awake longer at night, prevent deep sleep and res when desired and would therefore not be a relaxing frequency.

So what is the Hertz frequency emitted by Geocleanse for which the Negative Ions are generated?

The frequency of these very powerful and highly effective Geoclense Orgone Generator is 7.83 Hz to 4.5Hz frequency, which are in one octave.

The hertz frequency of 60 to 100Hz would be far too stimulating. Any hertz frequency with this range would cause organs and nervous system stress, which is not what healthy, healing, beneficial Negative Ions do.

In fact, healthy Negative Ions at the correct frequency removes the stress from your body, Nervous System and organs when at the correct frequency. Any other hertz frequency may over-stimulate, but these are not the frequencies of true Negative Ion. Please note that 60 Hz and 25 Hz frequency does not produce Negative Ion resonance whatsoever.

Negative ions can only be produced by Schumann Resonance hertz frequency because Negative Ions are the Schumann Resonance or Schumann Waves, which are shown in the image above.

Will The Geoclense Clear Low Energy Frequency Currently Affecting Our Home?

The benefit of having theGeoclenseNegative IonGeneratoron in your house has increase the vibrational frequency within your house which is can be subject to low magnetic frequency, or ultra low frequency earth radiation, which are the worst types of energy freuency to have in any building.