Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Have No Specific Address Program

Geoclense Negative Ion Generators Have No Specific Address Program

I own earthing mats and earthing bed sheets plus an Orgone wristband. Will I benefit using them at the same time?

An Orgone Wrist Band will assist you with Earthing or grounding yourself.

However, the best Orgone product designed to harmonize the Earth Magnetic Radiation nor the Geopathic Stress levels your Earthing products are keying you into, would be the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator.

All of these efficient Orgone Products provide earthing and grounding. However, the Geoclense provides the most effective earthing or grounding due to the way it works being plugged into a power point socket, connecting to your ground or earthing stake, harmonizing everything below the ground also.

If I have Geoclense for Earthing, would I benefit from having an Orgone blanket too?

The benefit of an Orgone Blanket is to actually physically wrap you in it to use it as a therapeutic tool. Orgone Blankets are ideal for anyone who has a long-term chronic illness such as Lyme Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and other illnesses where there are too many harmful Positive Ions in the body requiring earthing or grounding which assists with healing.

Orgone Blankets are designed to bring the balance of healing beneficial Negative Ions back into balance in the body, whilst earthing or ground you at the same time. They assist greatly with earthing or grounding, and provide a more therapeutic effect when wrapping yourself up in one.

Orgone Blankets work like Earthing Sheets and other Earthing products as they better assist with earthing and grounding you, without having to be plugged in.

Can I use the Orgone blanket the same as the Ionic Wand for healing or is the Ionic Wand better for that?

The Ionic Wand is designed to do something quite different to the Orgone Blankets which are more beneficial for earthing.

The Ionic Wand is designed to be held so you can hold it in your and go through your Aura, Light Bodies and energy fields with it to clear imbalances. It is also designed this way to move around drinks, food or other items, and would not have the same effects of earthing as an Orgone Blanket would.

Can I use an Orgone blanket for my food, water and skincare products?

An Orgone Blanket would energize your food, water and skincare product to some extent but is not designed for this purpose. This would take longer than with an Orgone Blanket, than an Orgone Generator Plates is more specific for this purpose.

If I have a Geoclense then do I need an Orgone Generator for my food in my refrigerator?

The choice is entirely yours, as the Geoclense Orgone Generator will harmonize and neutralize your refrigerator and all your food and drinks inside it.

Many of our customers find that placing a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator on top of their refrigerator further improves their food and drinks saying fresher for longer, and the harmful effects of the largest electromagnetic radiation (EMR) generating item in your home, thus also earthing it better.

An Orgone Generator Plate to energize their food, water, drinks, hair care, shaving and skin care products on prior to use is a great addition to your kitchen and will speed up the process of clearing imprinting from Earth Magnetic Radiation and improve earthing.