What Is The Difference Between Water Ionizer Plates And Domes?

What Is The Difference Between Water Ionizer Plates And Domes?

We do not ever programme your Negative Ion Generators to work for any specific address, and we most certainly do not programme it to your delivery address. You can use your Generator at any address you choose to and take it with you to be used anywhere, including when you go on holiday or away for the weekend.

If we were to programme your Negative Ion Generator this way, then you would not be able to use it when you move to a new address, or we would have to set up some way to programme them again for your new address which would not be necessary and would be bothersome for most.

You may be getting confused with another service we offer, where can programme your GeoclenseNegative Ion Generator for your children’s School, University or Kindergarten.

Many people get a Second Address Programme for their Geoclense to protect their children’s school, university, kindergarten programme with the second ddress programme to cover another location. This means that that another location (or even two locations) is covered by one Geoclense Negative Ion Generator by a specific programme we create via radionics to do this.

Do the Orgone Products get Programmed to my address, and can I take my Dome Orgone Schumann Generator with me when I go out?

The advantage and benefits of a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator is that it is more powerful to protection you on the move if you wish to can take it with you, and we do not programme them to your address. You can carry the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators around in your handbag, briefcase or backpack or even keep it in your car so that you always have it with you. Place it on your desk when you get to work each day, to provide you with total EMF protection. Having a portable Orgone Device is very useful, and the Aircraft Travel Harmonizer is very popular for this reason and has a programme that allows you to use it this way. All these highly protective Orgone Energy and Schumann Products work in every country, anywhere all over the planet and do not have any programme to work in any particular country. For example, in the United Kingdom Geoclense Negative Ion Generator which has been made to fit the power point plugs in those countries that use this type of power point plug, although they will also work in every country but would require a power point plug adapter to be plugged in, and do not require any programme to work anywhere. The only difference is the power point plugs they come with that are suitable for your specific country.

As for the Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors, Orgone Pendants, Schumann Generators, Energy Healing Blankets and any other of our highly efficientOrgone products, these are specifically created to generatethe healing energies of nature, they will work anywhere in every country where ever you travel to, for whatever purpose their programme is created for.

If I order 12 Ionic Toothbrushes are they just as effective if some are for friends? Or are they somehow programmed to work for me only?

The only item we sell that is especially programmed for something specific is the Geoclense Second Address Programming. All the rest of our Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products are infused so that anyone can use them, no matter whom they are purchased for or whose address they are sent to.

We do NOT even programme the Geoclense Orgone Generator to anyone’s shipping address, as this product is designed to be used by anyone, anywhere at any time. Therefore, we have many people who order large quantities of items such as Ionic bamboo toothbrushes for their entire family and give them to friends as gifts.

These Orgone Products do not require programming for any individual person, address or location. If we had to do this we would have to charge a lot more for them and then it would take days to get orders out if we had to programme each item to an individual. This just would simply not work!

Are the products best if ordered by and shipped to the actual user? Does it matter if I order for them and pass their Orgone products onto them?

It does not matter where you get items shipped to, and it is fine to get together with others and have a large order sent via a safer method such as Registered Post or Express Post, and then distribute these items out to others. We have several customers and many families who actually do this.

The only Orgone products that are specially programmed for a specific address or location are the Geoclense Second Address Memory cards, however, these can actually be placed on any Geoclense Orgone Generator anywhere.