Life Force: Sun as the Source of Orgone

Life Force: Sun as the Source of Orgone

Energy is often seen to have duality. It can be a good energy or a bad energy. Here is the last from four series of theory that describing the difference betwen good and bad energy.

Orgone Orgone is a term used by Wilhelm Reich for life fore energy. There is OR or POR term used for good orgone, and DOR for deadly orgone, a bad orgone. However there is unclear distinction between OR and DOR. Wilhelm Reich only notice the existence of DOR before the end of his life. Uranur is a process of OR converting to DOR, and Orur is a process of DOR converting to OR. Both happen naturally in nature. Many material concerning the information of the newly discovered DOR supposed to be release 50 years after his death, a couple years ago. However, there is no news about it now.

An attempt to give distinction of orgone is proposed by the Correa’s, described in his second volume of publication abstract: “But the Dark itself is not homogenous, being split in kind between life-beneficial energy (OR)and life-inimical energy (DOR).

The OR portion of the cycle contributes both the negatronic charges and the LFOT photons, to produce oxygen and water, whereas the reverse portion of the cycle is driven by the HFOT photons contributed by DOR radiation, and yields both ozone and acid ion. In the atmospheric allotropic cycle, the driving source of both OR and DOR is solar radiation. In the OR-driven portion of the cycle, there is a reduction of ozone brought about by the creation of charged leptonic mass and the input of a near-UV LFOT, with consequent release of both heat and blue light. In the DOR driven portion of the cycle, there is a free-radical process of molecular photodissociation driven by successive HFOT inputs that results in the formation of ozone and the acidification of hydrogen, with a final threshold ionization at the Hartree energy limit (47 nm HFOT).”

The description about OR and DOR amazingly similar to what Baron Karl Von Reichenbach observe decade ago on Od properties of sunlight and moonlight. However there is different opinion about what carries what. Baron Reichenbach believe that Od is energy carried by the sun light, while the Correa’s believe that sun light is carried by orgone energy.

Detail of orgone properties is hard to find. Some information of orgone properties found on James Demeo website are: “Each of these workers discovered or argued for a force conceptually similar to orgone: mass-free, yet capable of affecting or being bound to matter, participating in physical chemistry, metabolism, and heredity in some way, possessing measurable biological, meteorological, and cosmic components, reflectable by metal shielding, yet also amplifiable (and not extinguishable) through use of solid metal enclosures.”

There no clear procedure on how to produce OR or DOR using the device invented by Wilhelm Reich. However there is a lot of information on how to convert DOR to OR. Many people sold device that said to change or remove the DOR from the environment. The most know device is Cloud Buster, a device able to make rain. There is also holy hand grenade, earth pipe, or tower buster which its construction and use is different from the original Wilhelm Reich device. Some of the device incorporate colorize resin, metal particle, crystal and coil.

The Correa’s state that they are able to produce OR and DOR is possible with Tesla coil: “Experiments performed with Tesla coils tuned to the modal spectrum of solar ambipolar radiation (OR subspectrum), show indirect generation of LFOT photons, and the tuning of such coils to generate ambipolar radiation in the DOR subspectrum is shown to generate HFOT photons.”

There is many replication of Wilhelm Reich device for health, namely Orgone Accumulator or ORAC. This ORAC are often use to cure sickness like to reduce swelling or reduce headache. However, there is warning not to use ORAC for more than 30 minutes a day. Doing more than that may cause sickness or even death. It seems that ORAC not only accumulate OR but may also accumulate DOR. There is suggestion that ORAC to be put at adequate distance from electronics or other thing that said to emit DOR energy. Currently there is no known ORAC that accumulate only the good orgone energy.

Same DOR behavior also observed on Cloud Buster. Cloud Buster should never be activated for more than an hour to prevent damage to the environment. Prolonged use of cloud buster said to cause drought or the opposite, float from prolonged rain. Cloud buster also radiate bad energy to the operator. Operator must not stay near the cloud buster whe it operate. There is a need to ground the captured energy to nearby river to avoid dangerous contamination.

If we assume that dispersing cloud is an ionization process, then cloud buster work by emitting DOR, the deadly orgone, bad energy. Blue light emanating from the cloud buster is a sign of DOR according to the Correa’s. It can be concluded that cloud buster is a big deadly orgone generator.

Every theory have their own description of good and bad energy. However, there is many similarity between them. It is possible that what mentioned by them is actually the same thing taken from different observation.