Do Orgone Products Protect Us From Entities, Ghosts And Spirits?

Orgone Pendants can be worn beneath your clothing, and can indeed be carried around in a pocket. However, you may risk of losing them this way. If you do not wish to have your Orgone Pendant seen underneath clothing you may wish to put it on over your shoulder before getting dressed, where it will stay securely without being seen.

Your Orgone Pendant does not necessarily need to be worn around your neck, as it will provide you with 33 Feet of personal space protection from wherever it is. You may even carry your Orgone Pendant in a purse or a backpack, as long as it is within 33 Feet of you, although, an Aircraft Harmonizer is more powerful for this purpose.

How Do I Compare These Orgone Pendants With Others

If you wish to compare which Orgone Pendants on the market are the best to provide you with the most protection, simply compare what the Orgonium Orgone Products protection you from, with any compariable product from List Of Harmful Energies So far, our Technical Advisor, who has tested most radiation protection products on the market, has not found anything that even comes close in comparison to these powerful Orgonium Orgone Products cover.

You do not need to have a Geoclense Orgone Generator installed for your Orgone Pendant to work. In fact, your Orgone Pendant is designed to be worn to provide you with protection when you go out, are away from your Geoclense Orgone Generator, and does not require the Geoclense Orgone Generator to work at all as it is an entire “stand alone” Orgone product.

Can I Use My Pendant To Energize My Food And Water And To Remove Energy

You can use your Orgone Pendant to energize food and water, and you are able to use it as mini Ionizer as you would be able to swing it over or around your food and water, and through you aura in much the same way. However, an Ionic Orgone Energy Wand would be more powerful as they are designed for this purpose, as are the Food and Water Orgone Schumann Generator Disks.

You can also use your Orgone Pendant to remove energy out of anything such as soft furnishings, crystals, etc. To do this, place your Orgone Pendant between your thumb and first two fingers, and rub both sides of your pendant as you say:

I 100% release and clear all residual energies from (name of item)…

Repeat this several times until you feel you have cleared the item concerned. This is great to remove energy carpets, drapes, clothing, furniture, jewellery or any items (even crystals) that you feel has energies that need to be removed, especially if they are second hand or antique.

Safe For Pregnant Women

Orgone Pendants can be of great assistance to pregnant women and certainly would be most beneficial as it will seal and protect their energy fields and aura, and provide them with a lot of protection from Electrogmagnetic fields and Radiaition, as shown in the image below. It is believed that Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder and related health issues may be contributed to pregnant women being exposed to high levels of Electromagnetic Radiation during pregnancy.

These highly protective Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequency products only resonate healthy Negative Ions, which are the beneficial ions that are found in nature. These Negative Ions are what make us feel great when we have spent time in the mountains, the forestor at the sea side.