What Sort Of Result Can I Expect From My Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator?

What Sort Of Result Can I Expect From My Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator?

Please do not mistake these top quality highly effective Orgone Products with the negative effects Steterizers Filters, which have set buildings on fire both here in Australia and in USA.

They may be the nearest comparable products to theGeoclense Negative Generator, which cost around USD$700.00 and only do atiny fraction of what thesehighly protective Orgone Products, however, they do not provide any energy healing at all. In fact, theGeoclense Negative Ion Generators are3000%more effective and hasnotset any buildings on fire.

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator Will Not Cause Negative Effects Such As Fires

Your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator would not and cannot cause a fire in any way whatsoever, as it does not even use electricity.

The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator would not even be able to cause a fire, as there is no electrical components or electrical circuitry in them whatsoever, and they are made to Australian Safety Standards Specifications. In fact, the largest cause of nearly all house fires in our local towns here in the winter months (except one fire caused by candles) has been caused by Digital TVs left on standby, which burnt down a beautifully restored house of some close friends (who were out at the time). If you have a Digital TV and do not wish to risk it setting your house on fire when you leave it on standby, then we recommend that you purchase a new PowerBoard that has Master/Slave switches. These take your Digital TV off standby removing all risk of your house burning down while you are out. You can find these available online.

What about the negative effects of Digital TV?

Digital TV puts out harmful negative effects of EMF in front of them when on and also when you turn them off. In fact, sitting directly in front of these is not a great idea due to the harmful negative effects that comes off your Digital TV screen.

Many people report such negative effects as nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue and generally feeling unwell since they began to use their digital television, or feel totally drained and unable to move when in front of their Digital TV, especially those who suffer from the effects of electrification or have EMF Sensitivity.

The best solution for the negative effects from Digital TV that most people encounter is the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator. The best Orgone product to completely harmonize and neutralize your home from all these negative effects would be to install an Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, for total protection from all harmful energy.

The Dome Orgone Generators are designed to cover the negative effects of small flats, apartments, clinics and offices. You require two Dome Orgone Generators to do what our highly protective Geoclense Negative Ion Generator does.

However, two Dome Orgone Energy Generators would not be as effective for protection you from all these negative effects as the Geoclense Negative Generator, it is designed to magnify its energy field by being in contact with your electrical wiring, protecting your entire building as well as your surrounding garden and land.

Nowadays Televisions have LCD or LED screens. Do these produce imprints and mind control frequencies?

No, it is Digital televisions that leave the imprinting when you switch them off. Analogue televisions do not do this, and neither do LCD nor LED screens.

As for mind control frequencies yes they do.

Digital TV is the best example of it because you cannot measure the energy of the Lilly Wave frequencies with an Radio Frequencies (RF) or Gauss meter, however the body can detect the Lilly Wave.

The Lilly Waves are not interdimensional like ectoplasm imprinting can be, so it is easily detected by its energy signal.

It would be interesting to see if the imprinted fields from electrical appliances, which again cannot be detected with an RF or gauss meter are actually a Lilly Wave?