Orgone Products May Detox, Purify And Heal Your Body

Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Pendants do not lose their power in any way, shape or form due to being made with our unique Stand Alone Negative Ion Technology (S.A.N.I.T.). What happens is after they have initially healed and repair your aura, energy fields and physical body. Often people comment on the fact they they do not feel that their Pendant is no longer work. It is still working, however, we get used to the energy and not longer notice it like we first did.

We have done a lot of tests on our older Orgone Energy Healing Pendants at the many Expos that we attend, where customers who have them come to our stand, ask us to test them. Even when they are eight (8) year old, we have found them still balancing the energy fields and organ stress caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Our standard Quantum pendants are all handmade using Biocompatible resin and are an ideal Radiation Shield. Now we are making them out of better materials and better quality resin, making them last a lot longer.In the eight years we have been selling these items, we have only hadone customer whose Orgone Energy Healing Pendants it eroded after she was wearing one it 24 hours 7 days per week. When we asked her what she had been doing, it turned out she had Cancer, was going to the gym daily and sweating out toxins profusely, that she knows was the cause of her Cancer. She knew that she had a lot of toxins coming out of her body as she could smell them, and well understood that they damaged it! There is no coating on yor Orgone pendant that can come off. If any peeling occurs, it may be a reaction between the resin which your Orgone Pendant is made from of and some type of chemicals, toxins being excreted from your body, or even oil that your Orgone Pendant may be coming in contact with. If you are doing a number of detox protocols, then these toxins are also being excreted out via skin, sweat and mor