Orgonium Works Exactly Like Helmholtz Super Conductive Coils?

As these Orgonium products are 3000% more effective than any other radiation protection products available on the market, you have made the right choice.

Please see showing how these highly protective Orgonium protection products actually work Orgone Energy Research

The company overseas who did this testing the Orgonium products, did this for themselves to see how, and if, Orgonium actually worked and were effective before they began selling them?

The problem with most people making Orgonite, is that they arenotEnergy Sensitive (we are!). These people cannot or do not feel the energy being generated from Orgonite products (good, bad or otherwise) for example, as they arenottesting the products they make correctly or are not bothering to do proper research.

We too were making Orgonite!

However, it was making us feel unwell due to our Energy Sensitivity so we research why this was occurring. We came to the realisation that something was not right. So why did Orgonite make us feel not quite right? Our Technical Advisor then e did a whole lot of research to find out why.

What he found out, is that Orgonite does generate healthy Negative Ions to begin with. However, due to the ingredients being used in the formuation such as crystals, aluminium filings and steel wool, they then accumulate unhealthy Positive Ions around them, and then they generate these harmful Positive Ions back at us, which is why Orgonite made us feel unwell when we had it around us.

This is how we ended up fine-tuningourunique these highly innovativetechnology to make these highly protectiveOrgonium Orgone range of products what we now have today.