What Area Of Coverage Do The Orgone Ionic Shoe Insoles Protect?

What Area Of Coverage Do The Orgone Ionic Shoe Insoles Protect?

Deadly Orgone Resonance (DOR) is just another name for a harmful Positive Ion resonance field; andPositive Orgone Resonance (POR) is a healthy, beneficial healing Negative Ion resonance field.

The healthy Negative ion resonance (POR) balances out the harmful Positive Ion resonance (DOR), which in turn neutralizes the stress on your organs especially your Heart, Immune System and Nervous System caused by all forms of harmful energy and electromagnetic radiation or DOR.

The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is a beneficial Negative Ion resonance or Pure Orgone Resonance (POR) generator, developed to eradicate harmful Positive Ion resonance, which is also known as Deadly Orgone Resonance (DOR), which in turns creates stress on the organs and glands in our bodies.

Positive Ions are found referred to as noxious, harmful energy which is produced by all types of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), radio frequencies (RF), wireless radiation (WiFi), earth magnetic radiation and other inter-dimensional radiation.

The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator converts the harmful Positive Ions or DOR into the healthier Negative Ion Resonance or POR.

Testing of DOR is inadequately done in science laboratories, as there are no facilities to do the correct testing for DOR, nor is specific enough Energy testing equipment to actually properly test all froms of harmful energy or POR. There are currently only a few measuring devices ont he much that measure a few forms of POR such as electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency.

Please note that these highly innovative and unique Orgonium Protection Products are allMedically testedthrough biofeedback or similar devices and have been provide effective against DOR.

Is there any danger of eventual DOR buildup?

Absolutelyno chanceof this occurring whatsover, due to the incredibly innovative technology that has gone into the development of these highly efficient Orgonium Protection products.

May I know more about how Orgone Energy transforms Radiation? I can understand Orgone related energizers when interact with Radioactive particles or energies become Deadly Orgone (DOR) instead of Positive Orgone (POR). Is this correct?

No, that is a myth about Orgone and radiation. Uranium, which causes Gamma which comes out of the ground and has a positive charge which is very easy to neutralize because Orgone, is just another name for positive charge resonance field.

Nuclear power plants spit out caesium 134, 137 and strontium 90, which are all heavy metals. These heavy metals in the air create a positive charge which the Geoclense neutralizes.