The Dome Schumann Orgone Generator (Green)

The Dome Schumann Orgone Generator (Green)

The powerful Geoclense Negative Ion Generator continues to be the greatest electromagnetic field, radiation, dangerous energy harmonizer and air purifier for your home, your entire property, office, workplace or farm ever. Generating wholesome, healthy and beneficial negatively charged ions, which neutralize all types of destructive low frequency Positive Ions such as radiation and electromagnetic fields, the Geocleanse Orgone Generator offers both you and your family member’s complete protection from all forms of hazardous energy using negative ions.Geopathic stress, radiation and electomagnetic fields (EMF) within of a building places your body under extraordinary stress and strain, which ultimately results in unhealthy and harmful developments like a compromised immune system, nervous system or even worse, and places a great deal of stress on your heart as well as your other organs. The oxygen concentration inside of any building becomes depleted because of these harmful energies. The incredibly protective Geoclense Orgone Generator Negative Ion Generator replenishes the necessary Oxygen levels of the inside air due to the negative ions it generators, as well as replacing the necessary healthy Photons or Chi that we all need to maintain overall health and wellness, making it a very potent air purifier which is felt immediately.

Harmful Energies List Orgonium Products Negative Ion Generator Provides You With Protection From

Your Geocleanse Orgone Negative Ion Generator proficiently neutralizes all destructive low frequency Positive Ions which are then rendered as harmless, in addition to increasing oxygen and being an air purifier, will bring the entire building and surrounding land around it back into balance harmony. Within an instant the space feels lighter, fresher and clearer, and the energy of wellness of everybody is restored, creating a much healthier and happier atmosphere and ecosystem for all concerned, including your pets, wildlife, birds and farm animals.

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The Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator is getting more and more impressive with each passing week! I went to a family’s apartment last week that sat literally on top of a bank of 24 dual antenna smart meters, in Newport Coast, California. The place had a horrific feel. I simply plugged in the Geocleanse Negative Ion Generator and it neutralized everything!!! The family was astonished to say the least…

Take Care, Warren – EMF Doctor, United States, 19th September

I wanted to let you know that the Geocleanse is just marvellous! It was only a few hours after plugging it in that I noticed the difference – a type of cool freshness in the air, and a feeling of ‘cleanness’ in the room? The hints of old mould smell started to disappear. Now a week later nearly and it is something you know you couldn’t be without, and every home should own one! I took the Geocleanse to work on Monday and the difference was incredible! Even the boss was commenting on what a “calm” day and environment it was. She had not realising it was due to the Geoclense that was plugged into the wall.