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Charged Positively On Each Side So Never Needs To Be Cleared Or Cleaned

These highly effective Orgone Energy Healing Pendants provides a wonderous feeling of peace and well-being that brings you and your biofield into balance, and keeps you healthy all day long. These powerful Orgone Energy pendants have the ability to protect you from harmful energy, such as:

* Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) * Extremely low magnetic frequencies (ELF) * Radio frequencies (RF) * Magnetic radiation * Fault lines and Geopathic stress * Psychic energies and psychic attack * Paranormal malevolent energies

The difference in colours of our Orgone Energy Healing Pendants do not mean anything. They are in various colours to give people choice. If we only had one colour, eg cream, then everyone would be asking us to make them in other colours. Some people however believe that various colours have certain “meanings” or relate to difference Chakras, organs or meridians. It is your personal choice or preference. You may also place your Orgone Pendant on any necklace or chain of your choice. Provides 10 metres of personal space protection around each Orgone Energy Healing Pendant.

Each of our Orgone Energy pendants is handmade making each item unique. Therefore items may vary in shade and color from the one shown.

Each Standard Orgone Pendant weights approximately 7-8 grams Dimensions: 5mm in thickness and 300mm in diameter