Why Use Some Or Wear Orgone Devices Compared To Others?

Why Use Some Or Wear Orgone Devices Compared To Others?

Yes, most certainly. Many people have stated they have felt a lot better when placing their Dome Schumann Resonance Generator over an area of pain on the body, or placing on their abdomen when they are relaxing or when not feeling well. The Dome Schumann Resonance Generator is great to use to heal, with significant improvements and often total relief of pain.

Where would be a good location to place my the Dome Schumann Resonance Generator?

You can place your Dome Schumann Resonance Generator wherever you feel intuitively it would provide you the best protection, for example, Digital Televisions are particularly harmful. Therefore, you may wish to locate your Dome Schumann Resonance Generator either beside, in front of or near your Digital Television whilst watching you are it.

Sitting in the energy field of your Dome Schumann Resonance Generator will also allow you to heal.

Would putting the Dome Schumann Resonance Generator under the TV in entertainment centre in the middle room be alright? Would it neutralise the TV as well or just putting it in the room next to the large TV negate the TV from another room?

Yes, this would most certainly neutralise withboth televisionsare within the energy field that your Dome Schumann Resonance Generator covers, particularly ifit isplacedon a very hard surface. Rightin frontofthe TV as that is where the digitalradiation is the worst.

Then when you switch your Digital TV off it leaves a harmful imprinting out in from of if from 200 to 400 metres. Your Dome Schumann Resonance Generator will create a field of energy protection to 90 to 100 metres.

Your Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is the best device tol completely harmonise the Digital television beams imprints they leave every time you switch them off.

How would I stop my Dome Schumann Resonance Generator from working?

I own a small device similar called Safe Space when I put it in here it made things worse, so putting it back in its original box stopped it from emanatingso how would you do that with the Dome Schumann Resonance Generatorand myOrgone Generator plate?

We have had other customers say that their Safe Space causes them to be in pain too and made them feel very unwell, therefore we would not recommend this device as it does not heal, nor does it provide much protection compared to these highly efficient Orgonim Protection Products.

You cannot stop your Dome Schumann Resonance Generator from resonating energy to heal you, why would you want to stop your Dome Schumann Resonance Generator when it is creating beneficial energy to heal you and your family?

Your Dome Schumann Resonance Generatorwill permanently generate Negative Ion Resonance for futuregenerations, and provides far more effective protection than your Safe Space will ever do. If you are finding the energy of it too strong, then you would be best to lend it to a friend or family member, and gradually expose yourself to it for short periods of time.

My back has been hurting so badly after I had my fall and I was going to experiment if my back does heal, by wrapping my Orgone Protection Products in aluminium foil. Would this stop it from working?

Aluminiumfoil would not block Negative Ion Resonance as it will penetrate something as thik as this.

If you do not wish to heal from the effects of your Orgonium Orgone Products, then the only way stop feeling the beneficial healing effects of these highly efficient Orgonium Protection Products would be to totally remove them from your property as they will even permeate Negative Ion Resonance through solid metal, which is why they are so powerful.

These Orgonium Protection Products are assisting many people to heal pain. Therefore we do not understand why you would not want them to heal you. Place your Dome Schumann Resonance Generator over the area of your back where you feel the pain to heal it, and you will most likely clear it or feel it reduce considerably.

Also, may may wish to run an Orgone Energy Ionic Wand through you aura and energy fields to heal your body, particularly over where you have paind.