Why would you bury a crystal?

Why would you bury a crystal?

Burying a crystal is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries by crystal healers and shamans. It is believed that burying a crystal can help to cleanse it and amplify its energy. There are several reasons why one might choose to bury a crystal:

• To purify the crystal: Over time, a crystal can absorb negative energy from its surroundings. Burying the crystal in the ground can help to purify it by releasing any negative energy that it has absorbed.

• To charge the crystal: When a crystal is buried in the earth, it is believed to absorb the energy of the earth and the universe. This energy can be transferred to the crystal, increasing its vibrational frequency and enhancing its power.

• To store the crystal: Burying a crystal is a way to keep it safe and protected. This is particularly important for crystals that are used for healing or spiritual purposes, as they may absorb negative energy from their surroundings.

When you bury a crystal, it is important to choose a location that is meaningful to you. Some people bury their crystals in a garden or other outdoor space, while others choose to bury them in a special place that holds spiritual significance. It is also important to set an intention for the crystal before burying it. This can help to focus its energy and ensure that it is used for its intended purpose.

In summary, burying a crystal is a powerful way to cleanse, charge, and store it. By doing so, you can enhance the crystal’s energy and contribute to the overall energy of the universe. Whether you are a crystal healer or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and power of crystals, burying your crystals is a meaningful and effective practice.

The Power of Earth

Earth, our mother, has an indomitable force that can not only heal, but also purify everything we cherish. The act of burying a crystal in the earth has been in practice for centuries. It is said that the Earth is the best place to cleanse and rejuvenate a crystal, as it provides the perfect surroundings that enhance the crystal’s natural energy.

Purification Through Burying Crystals

One of the most significant reasons for burying a crystal is to purify it. Oftentimes, crystals pick up negative energies and emotions from their surroundings, which can lead to a decline in their effectiveness. When a crystal is buried in the earth, it automatically disconnects from its surroundings and gets purified. The crystal is then free of any unwanted energy, allowing it to recharge its energy and become more potent than before.

Infusing Crystals with Natural Energy

The earth is the ultimate source of natural energy, and this is why it’s an ideal place to recharge a crystal’s energy. When a crystal is put into the earth, it absorbs all the natural energy present in the soil, plants, and the atmosphere. This natural energy helps to activate and balance the crystal’s energy, making it more potent and effective.

The Transformation of Crystal Energy

The energy of a crystal is transformed when it’s buried in the earth. The crystal’s energy is recharged as it absorbs the energy of the earth. When it’s later discovered by the owner, the crystal’s energy will be different from the time it was buried in the ground. This transformation can enhance the crystal’s energy and make it more powerful. The crystal may even radiate a different color or aura, which signifies that it has transformed.

Awaiting Serendipitous Discovery

When a crystal is buried, it is said that it is awaiting serendipitous discovery. This means that the crystal is waiting for the right person to discover it at the right time. The universe operates in mysterious ways, and it’s believed that the earth will guide the crystal to the person who needs it the most.

The Science Behind Burying Crystals

Science has proven that the earth’s magnetic field has positive effects on living beings. It’s also a known fact that crystals have a certain magnetic field around them. When a crystal is buried in the earth, it’s believed that the earth’s magnetic field interacts with the crystal’s magnetic field, creating a transformative energy that infuses the crystal with natural energy.

The Significance of Increased Universal Energy

By burying a crystal, we contribute to the increase of the universe’s energy. The universe operates on energy, and the more we contribute to this energy, the more we receive in return. When we bury a crystal, we not only enhance its energy, but we also increase the energy of the universe, making it a better place to live.

In conclusion, burying a crystal is one of the best ways to purify its energy and infuse it with natural energy. The transformation that takes place when a crystal is buried makes it more potent and powerful than before. By contributing to the universe’s energy through the act of burying a crystal, we not only enhance the crystal’s energy, but we also make the universe a better place to live.